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Why Inter Great?
  • Leading professional maid agency in Singapore, constantly ranked as one of the best agencies in Singapore
  • Professional, Sincere & Honest Service
  • More than 150 active candidates for selection from Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines
  • Maid Training Focus not only on Skills, also on mindset and emotion
  • Door Step Services for Needy Families
  • Elderly care and infant care experienced candidates available
  • The Best 5 Maid Agencies in Singapore by TheBestSingapore
  • Best Maid Agency in Singapore by Parents World
  • Singapore 500 Enterprise Award
  • Top 3 Best Maid Agencies in Serangoon Award by TBR
  • Top 10 Best Maid Agencies in Singapore by The Wedding Vow

We are one of the fastest growing maid agencies in Singapore.

By adhering dearly to our principle to serve ‘professionally, sincerely & honestly’, and also focus on improving quality of maids, Inter Great has gained trust of thousands of families. Through word-of-mouth and referral, we have grown quickly into one of the best agencies in Singapore.

We also received multiple awards, including the ‘Best 5 Agencies in Singapore’ by The Best Singapore in 2019.

We are now conveniently located in 2 locations island-wide: Katong and Ang Mo Kio. For the family with special care needs, e.g. infant care, bed-ridden patient care, we provide Home & Phone Service to ease the process of hiring a maid.

We set our missions clear to continue lifting the happiness and satisfaction level of our customers. We believe we can achieve this mission with our professional and passionate team of staffs who inculcate our company core values, I-N-T-E-R (Integrity, Novelty, Teamwork, Empathy, Resilience).


Our Maids

Inter Great Girls (IGG) are sourced and trained from Indonesia, Myanmar and Philippines.

We place maid quality and attitude as the top priority in selecting and recommending the right candidates for our employers.

To improve quality of the maids, besides training in the overseas training centers, we also provide additional training when they arrive in Singapore. Orientation and briefing is provided to ensure mental well being of the maids, to ensure they understand our and employer’s expectation on their behavior and attitude.

For families with special care needs (e.g. infant care, elderly care, patient care), customized training can be opted through our qualified training partner, WhiteAngel Caregivers Consultancy.

  • Child and infant care
  • Elderly care
  • Bed-ridden and patient care
  • Housework
  • Cooking
  • Pet care
  • English/ Mandarin speaking
  • Caregiver/ Nursing background

What Our Customers Say

Case Studies

We truly believe we are in the service industry, where our job is done when you are satisfied.

Staying in HDB, have elderlies staying alone, both in 70s. Have tried 3 different helpers from other agencies and didn’t work out.

Indeed, it is getting more and more common that elderlies are staying alone themselves. When we receive this requirement for a helper to take care of elderlies whom are staying alone, it is importantly firstly 1) we only select maids that have experience in taking care of elder 2) check with the maids if they are comfortable with staying alone with 2 elderlies 3) check with employer on the elderlies’ frequent use of language, dialect only? Mandarin and dialect? When it comes to taking care of elderly, it is important that not only the helper is trained in this area, more importantly is that the helper has to be willing and committed to do so. As the helper will be “part of the family”, hence communication and understanding is important. With these understanding, we manage to find the right candidate for this household.

Staying in bungalow, big family of 8 members, 2 dogs. Came to us as they are not happy with their current helper.

It is not always helpers’ fault when employers are unsatisfied with their current helper. In this particular instance, this family came to us as they are not satisfied with their current helper from other agency, and the other agency was not helpful in resolving the issue. They find that the helper is not hardworking, and not proactive, they most of the time find things not done. We then took time to find out more about their household composition, and feel that it is a rather big family. And also understand they day-to-day requirements, what are the chores need to be done, what are their expectations. Then we come to realise that the other agency basically just “sell” them a helper to close the deal without understanding their needs. The helper they had was new, which is usually not ideal for big family as they are rather a little less experience, it can be quite overwhelming for them for a start. And she is not exactly good at handling pets as well. At Inter Great, we emphasis on understanding your household and requirements, to match the right helper for your needs. The family took our advice, hired 2 helpers from us, and is a happy customer since then.

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